Lady Gaga is thrilled to discover Liza Minnelli is a big fan of her music.

The pop star saw a tweet from Liza saying she is “absolutely loving” Gaga’s new album ARTPOP.

The 29-year-old considers Liza a huge inspiration and is over the moon about her approval.

“LIZA MINNELLI loves ARTPOP. My life is finally complete! I thought of you the whole way through SNL liza i love you (sic),” Gaga tweeted.

This is not the first time Liza has openly admired the singer. According to Liza, she was the first to create the look loved by Gaga.

“She’s into the Madonna thing: shock value. And it works. But the girl has a big talent,” Liza told the Daily Mail in 2011.

“Gaga and Madonna have realised the value of shock. But why not? You need to do anything you can in this business to get noticed. And they’ve both done it brilliantly. In a way, I started that with the Sally Bowles look, the cropped black hair, the lashes. It was a look that became important. It went round the world.”

Another inspiration for Gaga is singer and iconic drag queen RuPaul. The Applause star shared a sneak peek of her duet with the model on Twitter and Instagram, thanking him for working with her.

“@RuPaul here's a blurry sneak peak of our duet! Haus of Gaga loves you so much for the inspiration you are!” she tweeted.