David Guetta has teamed up once again for a music video, though this time rather than heading to the RnB world, he’s gone for the United Nations. Designed to raise awareness of the need for aid to the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, the video was projected onto the side of the UN HQ in New York at a launch event attended by UN key leaders.

Meanwhile, online a campaign has started under the banner “The World Needs More” with leading brands to sponsor a following word. David Guetta has personally sponsored the word #Love whilst brands climbing on board have so far included Barclays Bank (#Inclusion), Western Union (#Education), Gucci (#Strength), Crescent Enterprises (#Entrepreneurs), KT (#Dreams), Intel (#Empowerment) and GlaxoSmithKline (#Healthcare).

You too can get involved in this, by supporting a sponsored word through the double hashtag #theworldneedsmore #yourword, US$1 will be donated to humanitarian aid or to raise awareness. In the United States, individuals also have the option to contribute US$10 by texting ‘ONEVOICE’ to 90999.

David Guetta’s video is below: