Lady Gaga reportedly parted ways with her manager after refusing to "adulterate her art".

Earlier this month it was confirmed that the flamboyant singer is no longer working with Troy Carter, who began managing her in 2007.

It has been claimed that the star's latest record ARTPOP was the deciding factor in the split. According to New York Post, Gaga's record label was concerned after hearing the album. Bosses apparently felt it lacked enough big tracks so wanted her to go back to the studio to lay down more songs. Troy was asked to talk to the 27-year-old star about it, but she was furious.

"Gaga refused 'to adulterate her art,' one source said. Shortly before the album hit stores, Carter and Gaga announced they’d no longer be working together," reports the publication.

Managers at Interscope were reportedly so worried about the supposed lack of hits on ARTPOP, the singer was told to release it as an EP. It was then suggested she could record a full LP of more pop-sounding songs, but she dismissed the idea.

While Troy hasn't commented on the claims, a spokesperson for Interscope insists they are wide of the mark.
"That story is untrue and ridiculous. Gaga has creative control, and we are thrilled with her album," the representative said.

"It’s the No.?1 album, and everyone would love a No.?1 album. What’s not to be happy about?”

ARTPOP debuted at the top of the US Billboard 200 chart in its first week of release, after selling 258,000. Her 2011 album Born This Way hit the same spot after 1,108,000 copies flew off shelves.

Splitting from her long-term manager hasn't done much to quell Gaga's flamboyant nature. She arrived at the American Music Awards (AMAs) in typically outlandish style last night, choosing to ride in on giant horse puppet which was operated by two men. She wore a lilac Versace dress as she sat atop the robot, with her long blonde hair flowing behind her.