Sandra Bullock reportedly enjoyed a full out raucous dance marathon at the weekend.

The 49-year-old Gravity actress let it loose with a half dozen friends at local restaurant Bess Bistro near her Austin, Texas home.

She arrived on Saturday night and stayed well into the wee hours of Sunday morning dancing, according to onlookers.

"She arrived early in the evening and spent some time with her guests sitting at the bar," an insider told Us Weekly of the Academy Award winner's private shindig.

“She emerged with her guests and they danced on the dance floor with partygoers until late in the night.”

The second half of the evening supposedly picked up after the group indulged on several glasses of complimentary G.H. Mumm champagne.

Despite the alleged bubbly drinking, it is claimed Sandra wasn’t wobbly in the slightest as she busted a move.
"At one point, she went and pulled her hair up in a ponytail because it got hot on the dance floor,” the insider added.

"She was laughing and having fun and seemed very relaxed."

The actress’ latest movie Gravity sees her and George Clooney play a medical engineer and astronaut who are left stranded in space after an accident.

Sandra, who is mother to three-year-old adopted son Louis, admitted she found shooting some of the space scenes scary, because she hates flying of any kind.

“A plane flight is enough for me. When there’s turbulence something happens to both my body and my face that is both loud and embarrassing to those around me,” she confessed to a UK TV show.

“I wish I did drugs, I wish there was a drug I could take where I didn’t care. Still very much in control, but didn’t care.”