Chris Brown has been sentenced to 90 days of anger management rehab.

The 24-year-old R&B singer visited a Los Angeles court on Wednesday to address whether he was guilty of violating probation for his 2009 felony assault on Rihanna.

TMZ reports the judge presiding over Chris’ progress hearing did find he breached the order and sentenced him to undergo 90 days of anger management therapy.

According to the website, the Los Angeles County Probation Department informed the magistrate Chris was kicked out of his latest rehab facility earlier this month for destroying property in a fit of rage. He was supposedly demanded to leave the premises immediately after throwing a rock through his mother’s car window.

Chris only spent 13 days in the Malibu, California centre before being expelled.

The outlet states the judge has taken the probation department’s recommendation of ordering Chris to attend “live-in anger management rehab”.

As part of his sentencing the pop singer must submit to drug testing at his facility and take any medications prescribed to him.

The justice will also allow Chris to fly to Washington D.C. for legal matters relating to his pending criminal assault case and a full report on details of the charges has been ordered.

Alleged victim Isaac Parker accused the singer of punching him in the nose when he tried to photobomb a picture the star was taking with a female fan.

The singer spent a day and a half in a Washington, D.C. jail following the incident and pleaded not guilty during his arraignment.

Chris could reportedly face up to 180 days in jail and an additional four years in prison if it’s determined he violated his probation by punching Isaac.