Rita Ora has apologised to fans for "scaring" them.

The British singer collapsed on Monday due to suspected heat exhaustion.

She was on the set of a photo shoot for Madonna's Material Girl line when she passed out, resulting in the 22-year-old being taken to hospital.

Rita has now assured fans, who she affectionately calls Ritabots, they don't need to worry about her.

"Just to say. I love you guys. I'm getting better. Thank you for all your support bots I love you. Sorry to scare you. I got scared too," she wrote on Twitter.

"Ok going back to getting better I just wanted to give u a update. Love you. I'll be back soon. Keep dancing!!! (sic)"

Rita's time in bed means she had a chance to catch up on the latest music.

Lily Allen recently introduced girl power single Hard Out Here, which the singer seems to be loving.

"Just lying In bed in Miami on the road to recovery & @lilyallen is everything I needed and more it's hard out here! Yes! #golily #badb***h, (sic)" she wrote.

Rita was posing on Miami Beach when she fainted on Monday.

Before the incident she'd been snapped by the MailOnline looking unwell in the 90-degree Fahrenheit heat.

Rita could be seen holding her stomach and pulling faces as she posed in the blazing sun.

"Rita Ora was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at our hospital today. She was discharged and is fine," Dr. David Farcy, Chairman of Mount Sinai Hospital's Emergency Department, told the outlet.

Rita became the face of Material Girl in June.