Ground breaking news has only recently reached fans of the X Factor; it looks as though there will be a complete judge overhaul when the series returns in 2014. Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne have all officially confirmed that they will not return to the show next year, while very strong rumours suggest that Nicole Scherzinger also plans to quit.

Return of the boss

It was Simon Cowell who created the show and his persona of judge you love to hate won over the nation. We’d seen him previously on Pop Idol and millions tuned in to see him take on X Factor. His face became that of a national treasure and fans of the show were devastated when he left to work in the states.

Critics have been calling for Simon’s return for months and now, it looks even more likely he’ll come back to rescue the failing show. Odds have been given to the music mogul of 7/1, putting him ahead of almost all other judge possibilities in favour to return.

Gary’s pal Robbie Williams is at the same price, as his popularity as a guest judges at the judges houses was universal. His witty comments and approachable demeanour could make him a prime contender to take on the role that his Take That band mate has chosen to leave.

Make yourself at home

Several guest judges and even past contestants have been included in the possible line up to take on the judges roles, with the public calling out for past contestant Olly Murs to become a judge. Friendly, funny and down to earth, Olly has shown his TV personality across multiple shows and is a 10/1 shot.

Mel B is seen as a strong contender for the role. She had a turn as a guest judge on the X Factor before and made headlines thanks to her brutally honest approach to contestants.

Of course, Cheryl Cole proved incredibly popular during her time on the show, transforming the Geordie singer from Girls Aloud band mate into national treasure almost overnight. She was shunned from the American X Factor as audiences claimed not to understand her Geordie accent, but there are suggestions she could have a triumphant return as she’s given a price of 9/1.
Sit back, relax and enjoy

Of course, this year’s X Factor still has a few weeks left, so whoever is set to take on the judges roles won’t be confirmed for a while. If you’re sad about the passing of Gary, Louis, Sharon and Nicole, take comfort that there’s still time left! Making the show extra fun is the X-Factor bingo card, with which you can spot some of your favourite traits from the judges – for the last time!