The Wanted give boybands a "rough and sweaty" edge.

Nathan Sykes, Max George, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness make up the five-piece, who are known for their boozing and womanising.

Famously involved in a feud with the clean-cut One Direction, Tom insists The Wanted have something the music industry needs from all-male groups.

"The market is saturated already with boybands," the 25-year-old argued to British magazine Star.

"We bring a rock side to our live performances and we all pick up our instruments and we all make sure that we play. We like to get a bit rough and sweaty."

On their documentary The Wanted Life, the boys were filmed partying.

Most of them are now settled in relationships and Tom says they are making a conscious effort to slow down.
"Erm, we are trying not to drink as much," he admitted.

"Jay has been sober since October, after Max shaved his hair off in a moment of drunken madness, and he just thought, 'F**k it, I'm going to start sober October to stop these kind of mental things happening.' But we've got Movember coming, so expect to see some crazy-ass 'taches coming out."

Baby of the band Nathan, 20, recently confirmed he is dating US singer Ariana Grande, who is also 20.

Tom is pleased to see his friend happy and in love.

"Any spare moment they get, they're trying to see each other, so it is very much puppy love," he grinned.

"Nath's always been the little baby brother of the group, so it's really nice to see him grow up into a man."