Lady Gaga’s career is reportedly “in crisis” in the wake of the singer’s split from her longtime manager.

The 27-year-old Applause hitmaker severed her six-year relationship with Troy Carter over “creative differences”, The Hollywood Reporter claimed this week.

According to Radar Online, the star’s career could now be in a free fall as her latest album, ARTPOP, has been panned by critics.

“Fans are fleeing by the thousands,” the website claims, citing a Los Angeles Times report.

According to the newspaper article, 4,000 viewers clicked off the YouTube Music Awards Sunday when Gaga delivered an emotional performance of her new single, Dope.

“Her music hasn’t evolved music… it falls short when it comes to one basic function: making an impression,” Entertainment Weekly critic Adam Markovitz wrote of Gaga’s latest LP, while a review from the London Evening Standard wrote off the record as “feeble”.

Troy helped propel Gaga to stardom after he signed a contract with her in 2007. He also received an Emmy nod for his work on her HBO Monster Ball Tour Special.

He is said to feel “liberated” since parting ways with the star.

Gaga meanwhile has continued to heavily promote her new album, which was released on iTunes Monday night.

The singer encouraged fans in Los Angeles and New York to attend a gallery opening including “music, interactive experiences, actual Gaga props and outfits, and more”.

ARTPOP Pop up: A Lady Gaga Gallery is open November 11-13.