Australia’s Department of Agriculture has declared Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ deluxe edition a biohazard.

The deluxe edition, produced overseas and imported into Australia, contains a small packet of seeds that the Department of Agriculture have declared a potential safety risk to Australians.

The locally made edition of the album includes seeds from Western Australia. They are considered harmless. Fans are encouraged to plant the seeds for the environment. The international versions of the album contains seeds from various parts of the world and could pose a risk for Australia.

Perry fans who are buying ‘Prism’ online from overseas could have their purchase confiscated when it lands at Australian customs.

eBay is selling UK editions of the deluxe album for $AUD18.31 and US editions for $AUD19.95 (including postage). JB HiFi is selling the Australian edition in-store for $21.99.

Katy Perry ‘Prism’ debuted at number one on the Australian chart this week with sales of 41,602 units.

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