Chromatone will release his next EP 'Touchdown' in November but ahead of the release, he's unleashed the latest video for single 'Flyin' (scroll down to view).

In just a couple of weeks, the video has reached over 100,000 views and it definitely feels like Chromatone is setting himself up for a soaring 2014 as we reach the end of the year.
Here's what Chromatone had to say to

Since the song is about captivity and hallucination, I felt it was right to have the singer introduced as a mix between a prisoner, a pet and a mental health patient. I’m fascinated by pets that are so damaged by captivity, that they would die if released to the wild. It seems they are truly trapped, with no possible escape, as freedom is no option either. This explains the jump off a top floor balcony in the video’s closing shot.

The opening line is “Last night I dreamt I was free”, so it made sense to have the singer dreaming in the song’s intro and wake up to that first line.

The colourful slow-motion trampoline shots here provide a contrast between the white prison scenes set to an infinite white background with prison bars. The shot was inspired by the Matrix and features visual effects by Ogodinife Okpue.

The cage eventually has projections of war footage, stock market data and politician’s speeches shining on it. They serve as projections of the singer’s mind. “Ground control is giving me the green light” then clearly switches into hallucination, with a smoky green flashlight appearing. The singer reaches out to it, but is jolted back by the chain attached to his ankle. Close-ups of the singer’s mouth further add to the dreamy atmosphere, as they act as the singer’s subconscious mind speaking to him.

We then have a parrot fly in during the second verse delivering a key. It’s up to the viewer to decide whether this is real or still hallucinating. Having broken free, the singer then follows a bird he sees flying in the sky and takes an elevator to a building’s top floor. Here, he bumps into a prophet-like rapper, Natty Speaks, who tells him to “go for it”. Awkward London transport-inspired reactions follow.

Finally, the singer reaches a top platform and decides to jump. Once again, it’s up to the viewer to decide what happens after the fade out, but we certainly didn’t want to show a crash landing (and I didn’t exactly want to act it out either!).