Simon Cowell can’t wait to teach his son to drive.

The music mogul is expecting a boy with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman. Even though the baby isn’t due until February, Simon is already daydreaming about the things they will do together when he is older.

“I’m not brilliant with babies. I never know what to do. But [once he’s older] I think I’ll be a good dad in terms of advice,” he told Parade. “And then I’ll get to do all the things I want to do, like go to Disneyland or Universal Studios, teach him how to drive - I love all that.”

Simon is often spotted driving around Los Angeles in luxury cars. He has splashed out on a Bugatti Veyron, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Azure convertible, an Aston Martin and a Ferrari in the past.

Despite owning music publishing house Syco and discovering acts such as One Direction, Simon won’t force his taste in music on his child.

The 54-year-old TV star will be happy for his son to have his own opinions on chart stars.

“He’ll listen to whatever I listen to and make his own choices. It’s funny - my mom played Frank Sinatra when I was a kid, and because he was her choice, I used to hate it; but I love Sinatra now,” Simon laughed. “He always looked like he was having fun and he didn’t conform. That’s probably why I’ve got pictures of him all over my house!”

Simon is currently busy with his role as a mentor on The X Factor US. He is joined on the panel by stars including Demi Lovato, who he has a love-hate relationship with.

“I like working with Demi. We bicker, and it’s like having a bratty younger sister, but she’s got a great heart,” he smiled.