Kylie Minogue reportedly worries about how "demanding" parenthood is.

The 45-year-old singer's five-year relationship with Spanish model Andrés Velencoso recently ended and it's suggested differing opinions on children was one of the reasons. While Andrés was ready to start thinking about a family, it's something the Australian star is apparently still nervous about. Seeing her sister Dannii raising her son Ethan, three, following her split from his father Kris Smith has apparently done nothing to quell her anxiety.

"She says she'd love to be a mum, but also worries about how demanding it'd be - she's seen what Dannii's had to juggle, and how much trickier life becomes once there is a baby," an insider told British magazine Closer.

"Kylie's driven by this need to be successful and Dannii's the same. In a way, Dannii's the only person who really understands what it's like. They've been talking lots."

Kylie has been taking on even more work of late and is a judge on UK reality show The Voice. This apparently made Andrés wonder if she would ever be ready to have a family.

"Andres got tired of Kylie saying she wanted children, then adding 'but in six months'. He felt he came second to her career," the source said.

"Kylie works so hard and wasn't able to reschedule her projects. But even though she made the decision to split, she is devastated."

The singer has previously said she is unsure if she will be able to conceive a baby following her treatment for breast cancer in 2005.