Blink-182’s fans had to remind the band of their milestone album.

The rock band will approach the ten-year anniversary of their fifth studio album Untitled on November 15.

And Blink-182 are planning a special performance to mark the occasion after being inspired by a devoted fan.

"Someone on Twitter @-replied to me, pointing out that the ten-year anniversary of the album was approaching. So I emailed Travis and Tom, suggesting that we could perform the whole album live,” bass player Mark Hoppus told MTV News.

“It all came together very quickly. I've been re-learning the bass parts and rehearsing alone in my house here in London ... Some of these songs we've never performed live.”

Blink-182 also consists of frontman Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker, who rallied round to make the celebrations a reality.

Mark reveals their plan of playing Untitled in its entirety is a big hit with fans, as their two shows in Los Angeles next month are sold out.

"That album changed everything for Blink-182. The way we write songs, the manner in which we record them, the way we think of ourselves as a band, everything. It marked a huge turning point in our career,” Mark said.

“I think it changed the way people thought of us, too. We were no longer the silly skate punk kids from California. Well, we were — and we still are — but from then on there was something more.”