Songs from the unreleased Dave Stewart produced Bryan Ferry album have began to surface on YouTube.

Stewart alerted fans to the rare tracks, saying on Facebook “you know Bryan Ferry (Official) and I wrote quite a lot of songs and versions no-one ever heard just found one!”

Alphaville was recorded between Ferry’s Mamouma (1994) and Frantic (2002). Ferry also released the covers record As Time Goes By in 1999.

The songs recorded for Alphaville were Love War, Cruel, Alphaville, Nobody Loves Me, I Don’t Want To, Sonnet 18, You Can Dance, One Way Love, Hiroshima, This Love, San Simeon and Fool For Love.

Alternate versions of Cruel, Nobody Loves Me, San Simeon and Fool For Love surfaced on Ferry’s Frantic in 2002. You Can Dance and Alphaville found their way to Olympia in 2010.

Twelve tracks can be found on YouTube

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