The Jackson family just won't let it go.

Family members were not happy when a court found that AEG was not responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. Even though it was found that the company hired Dr. Conrad Murray to oversee Jackson's health, they did not find that AEG was responsible for the actions that Murray took including administering the fatal dose of the drug Propofol.

The family has their lawyer working with a law firm to not only file an appeal to the decision but to also try and get a new trial, saying that the jurors were given incorrect information prior to their deliberations and misunderstood one of the questions on the verdict form.

Specifically, the form started with the question "Did AEG hire Dr. Conrad Murray?" to which they unanimously said yes. On the second question "Was Dr. Conrad Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he is hired?" they unanimously said no.

According to the Jackson family lawyer, the problem is with the second question. Attorney Brian Panish said "Jurors thought that they only had to determine whether he was fit and competent at the time he was hired. He was hired to be a general physician, for which he was licensed and qualified as a doctor but our claim really thrust upon the deterioration of Michael's condition over 60 days and the lack of anything being done and the warnings AEG had and ignored."

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