In this four part series for HISTORY, we follow Happy Mondays’ lead singer Shaun Ryder as he embarks on an extra-terrestrial adventure, taking him from the mountains of Chile to the fields, forests and back gardens of England.

Convinced from an early age that UFOs exist after spotting one in the sky above his house in Salford, Shaun sets off on a quest to find out the truth.

Along the way he scans more than just the sky, speaking to experts and witnesses, academics and abductees, sceptics and believers in an attempt to get to the bottom of their stories and separate fact from fantasy.

We join Shaun as he braves the heat of the Atacama Desert to check out the Atacama Giant- an enormous alien shaped geoglypth - and go to the runway of the Chilean Air Force base to re-live one of Chile’s most famous UFO sightings.

Back in the UK, Shaun is reunited with one of his lifelong heroes, America’s most famous alien abductee Travis Walton, and together they travel to Rendelsham Forest to investigate the sight of the UK’s most famous UFO mystery, and they speak to a retired policeman who risked his career to suggest aliens played a part in an unsolved murder case.

Last but not least, Shaun meets a man who believes he was snatched by aliens from his back garden.