Avril Lavigne says she “found a husband” thanks to her new album.

The singer and Nickleback star Chad Kroeger collaborate on a ballad called Let Me Go, the first single to be released from her self-titled album. According to Avril, the music is what brought the two of them together and resulted in their love affair.

“So working with Chad was awesome because I found a husband and that was the best thing that came out of the experience," she told MTV News. "No, we had a great time. We really just celebrated music together and we both love writing and creating; it's non-stop. Even though the record's done now and we recorded it, like, we're always around the house coming up with new ideas and concepts. It's really inspiring."

Avril and Chad got engaged last year after working on her album. They were married in France on July 1. In addition to recording Let Me Go, Chad also co-wrote a song called Here's To Never Growing Up. Although there are ballads on the album, Avril makes it clear it’s not all romance.

"The record's really diverse. I have a song with Marilyn Manson,” she revealed. “I have a song called Hello Kitty. It has an electronic feel. I have a song called Bad Girl and it's one of the heavier, more darker tunes on this record.”

The Canadian singer’s self-titled album is set for US release next month.