Lorde says she’ll continue to speak her mind and voice her opinions on others in the industry.

The 16-year-old New Zealand pop star has been vocal in expressing her distaste for other artists.

She released her debut album Pure Heroine last month, with first single Royals reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one in America.

Although relatively new to music, Lorde hasn’t been shy with talking about her views concerning the music industry.

"I think there's a funny culture in music that's only happened over the last 15 years, that if you have an opinion about something in music that isn't 100-percent good, you're a 'hater’.

“Even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique. People will say exactly what they think about a movie, but as soon as you say it about a record, you're like some little zombie in a funny dungeon,” she told MTV News.

Over the summer she accused Justin Bieber of not providing a real depiction of what it’s like to be a young person.

Most recently she’s spoken up about Taylor Swift, berating her for being flawless and unattainable.

And it doesn’t look like that will be the end of her tongue lashings, as the young pop star was the first to admit that she can be outspoken.

"I have pretty strong morals and opinions being in pop music, and I can't help but express those, which I think people appreciate," she continued. "I mean, I don't think I say anything that isn't backed up. Most of the time I will stand by things that I've said."

“I just want to continue making music; it's the reason I'm here in the first place,” she said.