Adam Levine says US politicians need to “get their sh*t together”.

The Maroon 5 singer is upset about the government shutting down after Congress failed to agree over funding bills and reached a stalemate over national healthcare reforms.

“I think they need to get their sh*t together,” he vented during a video interview with TMZ.

Adam isn’t the only celebrity angry about the shutdown. Samuel L. Jackson spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the lack of bi-partisanship in Washington, D.C. and how it’s affecting the nation’s frustrated citizens.

“I just really think it’s a shame, all these people are fighting to keep those who have nothing from having even less,” the actor said.

“Healthcare is essential for a healthy economy. Just because [the Republican party] lost an election doesn’t mean they have to destroy our country.”

Samuel slammed the extreme measure, calling it “shameful” and “un-American”. He also believes politicians are being petty at the expense of the American people, and revealed some critics are even blaming him for the shutdown because of his vocal support for President Obama.

“I know they are angry, we get it, but don’t make the whole country pay for your anger, don’t devalue our status as a nation because you are angry, it’s shameful and un-American.

“But then again, some people might say that I’m responsible for [the government shutdown] too, I did support Obama and a huge faction blames me for that on Twitter everyday,” the actor said.

Mario Lopez also criticised the government, tweeting: “Just landed in LA. And the #governmentshutdown …. Not a good look.”

Piers Morgan shared his opinion as well, tweeting that it is “utterly pathetic” the “world’s greatest superpower” was shutting down over healthcare reforms.