Funeral For A Friend are set to reissue a re-mastered, remixed and expanded version of seminal first EP ‘Between Order And Model’ through End Hits Records / Mighty Atom on 18th November.

The release follows a run of headline dates in the UK at the start of October which will see FFAF playing both BOAM and their 'Four Ways To Scream Your Name' EP in their entirety at each show, amongst other classics and cuts from this year's 'Conduit' album.

The songs you are about to hear are responsible for hardcore kids, punks and metalheads uniting at the beginning of the 2000's.

When Funeral For A Friend released their debut EP ‘Between Order And Model’ in 2002 a new genre dubbed "Screamo" was on the rise and the band became its first European flagship. Their mix of dual guitar attacks, the clean/shouting vocals, three minute neckbreakers and the occasional thrown in but breathtaking quiet parts makes the five piece the right band at the right place at the right time.

What follows is a genre defining debut full length and endless touring (yes, including a run with Iron Maiden). The fact that Funeral For A Friend (named after a song by HC Punk band Planes Mistaken For Stars, not Elton John!) have immense potential is obvious. The audiences grow, the concert halls get bigger, the band is destined to become the next big thing.

But in 2011, the band has had enough of other people’s expectations and the resulting pressure. They take a step back, make a deliberate decision to play intimate club shows, allow their music to be rough around the edges again.

The often-clichéd term "back to the roots" is something that saves Funeral For A Friend from burning out and shows the band more alive and passionate than ever.

And part of the 'focusing on their roots' experience of Funeral For A Friend is the re-release of the groundbreaking debut EP ‘Between Order And Model’ on End Hits Records (a label founded and run by their long time friends and musical companions Boysetsfire).

The newly remixed and re-mastered four original songs were enhanced with three rare/unreleased tracks from the same recording session and live versions recorded by the current line-up. A 12 page booklet features never before seen pictures from the bands archives and liner notes from singer Matt Davies, Josh Latshaw (Boysetsfire) and Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon).

‘Between Order And Model’ will be available as Digi-Pack CD and for the first time ever on vinyl (limited to 1000 coloured copies).

‘Between Order And Model’ stands for the beginnings of a very talented band and their resulting success. And for a group that is now back to where they started in 2002: A bunch of friends and music enthusiasts who believe in the power of the music AND the message. Small town working class boys who still just wanna get in the van to find out what’s over that hill...

1. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations
2. Juno
3. The Art Of American Football
4. Red Is The New Black
5. Storytelling Pt 2
6. Grand Central Station
7. The Getaway Plan
8. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations (Live)
9. Juneau/Juno (Live)
10. The Art Of American Football (Live)
11. Red Is The New Black (Live)

2nd OctCardiff University, The Great Hall 2
3rd OctLondon Electric Ballroom
4th OctGlasgow Garage
5th OctManchester Academy 2