Justin Bieber was reportedly attacked by a partygoer in Toronto, Canada.

The 19-year-old singer was at a nightclub with his entourage at around 3am on Saturday morning when he was rushed.

According to TMZ, the altercation occurred when the heartthrob left the VIP area and entered the crowd.

In snaps obtained by the website Justin can be seen looking startled as an attendee charged toward him and tried to yank him to the ground by his top.

However Justin’s crew quickly came to defend him while the star “unleashed a fury of kicks”, writes the publication.

The troublemaker was guided out of the venue by security and the group decided cops weren’t needed at the scene.

But Justin and his friends soon exited the place and the performer may have been grateful for the opportunity to drive home in the city.

Justin is temporarily banned from driving in California, according to a recent report.

He was allegedly pulled over in the Calabasas area at approximately 4.30am on Wednesday morning because he failed to come to a halt at a stop sign in his white Ferrari.

At that time it seems police learnt he is not even allowed to drive in the state.

California residents are required to obtain a valid license within ten days of moving there and finding an address. As Justin bought his home in June, he had broken that rule.

The Canadian crooner is said to have cooperated with law enforcement officers and was cited for both offenses.

He was also reportedly “ordered out of the driver’s seat”, leaving his passenger to get them safely home.

Justin will have to get a valid California license from the Department of Motor Vehicles before he can get back behind the wheel.