Justin Timberlake has settled his beef with Kanye West.

The Mirrors crooner was at odds with Kanye earlier this year over his hit single Suit & Tie, featuring the rapper’s record label boss Jay Z. Kanye dissed Justin during a show in February, spitting: “Man I got love for Hov, but I ain't f**king with that Suit & Tie”, with Justin later hitting back during a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Despite the mudslinging, the men seemed to have buried the hatchet when they were seen talking at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Speaking on MTV’s Shade 45 television show, Justin revealed he had an “hour-long sit down” with Kanye to put the feud to rest.

"It doesn't matter," Justin said, explaining some good did come out of their public spat. "It was one of them things where I love it, in a way, because at the end of the day it's just music.

“I love the record, I love Suit & Tie. It reminds me of the music I grew up listening to. I respect his opinion because I think he's a genius. But I don't share that opinion. It's just not that big a deal,” he insisted.

The two may even collaborate in the near future, with Kanye apparently suggesting it could help them to better understand each other. Justin couldn’t say when fans might hear a record from the pair.

"He [Kanye] said the exact perfect thing, which was, 'The best way I know how to do that is just for us to sit down and play music,'” Justin recalled, praising Kanye’s new album.

“You can't plan out... you can’t, 'Hey, Ross I need you!' I love 'Ye... I feel like I understand what he's doing. I love Yeezus. I love that album. I feel like I understand what he's doing. I think he's ahead... of a lot... all the time."