Name: Dominic Cini Stage name: Minik

Hometown: Vittoriosa

Website / Facebook page ? :

Local/International artists/musicians who inspire you ? :
Local: Ivan of Winter Moods an International Michael Bouble

Previous experience at ‘Indifest’ ? : 2004 with the song ‘L-emarginati , music by Philip Vella and lyrics by Joe M Farrugia , 2008 with his wife Ina the Song ‘Rumanz’ Music by Aldo Spiteri and Lyrics Rita Pace, 2010 with the group Hbieb Maltin the song ‘Identita’ Music by Minik and lyrics by Stephen Baldacchino and this year as a solo artist with the song ‘Armonija’ Music by Minik and lyrics by Stephen Baldacchino. Came 3rd as a composer in 2009 with the song Futur , Singer Fabrizio and won 2nd place in 2011 with the song Skond id-daqqa z-zifna Singer Albertine u l-qamha.

How do you see your chances in winning ‘Indifest’ this year ? : As a composer this year I have 7 songs in total... They all have a big chance , this year there are good songs ingeneral .

What is your opinion on Competitions(local)? : It helps you to improve in your career

What is your favourite music style? : Pop

When and how did your life in music start? : At the age of 6

Do you write your own stuff? – and if so what inspires you? : I write music . I can’t live without it and as I work in a local recording studio it helps a lot.

What are your biggest ambitions in music? To make the listeners feel good with my tunes

A 3 word comment about The Eurovision Song Contest? Unity of European music

Describe a typical day in your life? A full day working in music scene and after that I go home and spend as much as I can time for my wife Ina and for the little boy Ainsley

Favourite sport ?: Volley Ball

Favourite book ?: Nothing

Favourite films ?: Horror

Favourite holiday/trip ?: Spain

Do you have a message to The Maltese Nation?: To keep listening to Maltese music and artists and give them more support .

Interviewed by Joseph Portelli – Music News Malta Editor.

Good luck!!