Jared Leto enjoyed getting “really intimate” with fans in his new music video.

The 30 Second to Mars singer filmed a live show promo for the band’s single Do Or Die during their tour this summer.

He interviewed numerous fans for the piece and was moved by everyone he spoke to.

Jared wanted to connect with people in an unprecedented way and he believes viewers will also be inspired by the anecdotes people shared.

"So much has changed about us, about our audience, about our shows, so I wanted that to be a part of it, also. Most of the interviews, I did myself, so they're really intimate. It's me, it's them, and it's the camera," Jared told MTV News.

"What I've found is, that if you talk to everybody long enough, you find an incredible story. Every single person has a moment in their life, something that they've found a solution for, a story to tell. Some are funny, some are really intriguing, and if you ask the right questions, you get interesting answers."

Jared was so committed to the project that he actually ditched his own holiday plans.

He simply found this work to be way more interesting than relaxing.

"It was going to be the first-ever planned summer vacation of my entire adult life. I blacked out the time and said I was going to do it, and then, lo and behold, it went from an overzealous three weeks, to two weeks, then a week, then five days, then nothing," Jared laughed. "But, in exchange, I have this beautiful little film. I got these experiences with these people I'll never forget, so it's a fine trade-off for me."