Jay-Z reportedly had to cope with a "nuts" Jemima Kirke while filming a promo.

The rapper released a performance video for new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail over the weekend.

Filmed at Pace Gallery in New York City, the video features art-world stars such as Marina Abramovic and Girls actress Jemima, who is also a painter.

Jay-Z took it in turns to rap to the stars during the seven-hour shoot, but while most sat and listened quietly, the quirky 28-year-old apparently found it hard to contain her excitement.

The clip shows the star on the rapper's back as he performs to a wild crowd.

“She was acting totally nuts!” a source marvelled to the New York Daily News.

“She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey."

Apparently Jemima's behaviour left Jay-Z's team less than impressed.

However, the star himself reportedly managed to keep rapping throughout the whole ordeal.

“Someone was screaming, ‘Get her off of him!’" the insider continued, adding Jemima was "removed" from the gallery.

Jay-Z's video was shot to promote his new album and sees him talking about performance art as well as rapping track Picasso Baby.

Meanwhile the rapper's wife, Beyoncé Knowles, has been enjoying a more relaxing time.

The singer is currently on tour and attended her latest concert by cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge, posting pictures on Instagram as evidence.