Lauren Silverman allegedly told her husband she was visiting her mom when she was secretly meeting Simon Cowell.

It has been claimed that the New York socialite is expecting a baby with the music mogul. Lauren is still married to Simon's friend Andrew Silverman, and the pair are currently in the middle of a divorce. According to New York Post, Lauren would claim to be visiting her mom Carole Saland when she was spending time with Simon.

“Interesting that Lauren used her mother as her cover story,” a source told the publication.

“At the same time she was telling Andrew they should give their relationship another try, possibly to take them over the ten-year mark," added another insider.

Lauren is said to have become pregnant around the time she visited Simon in the UK for the final of Britain's Got Talent in early June.

The 36-year-old brunette is currently staying in the Hamptons, while Simon is taking a holiday in St. Tropez.

According to insiders, Lauren and property developer Andrew are eager to settle their divorce as soon as possible, for the sake of their seven-year-old son. There is speculation a settlement could even be reached this week, meaning Lauren would be free to set up home with Simon.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Andrew was comfortable seeing his wife flirt with the TV star because he thought they were "just good friends". Andrew, who has named Simon in the divorce papers, is said to be fuming after discovering that the pair were secretly romantically involved.

“Andrew and Lauren had a great time with Simon. They were friends for over six years and often vacationed together," a source told British newspaper The Sun. “Andrew knew she was flirtatious — it’s in her nature.

“To Andrew it wasn’t a big deal. But there’s a big difference between friends flirting and friends being sexual.”