Ke$ha sometimes makes her assistant talk “in dinosaur”.

The eccentric singer gets easily bored, so enjoys coming up with things to hold her attention. This is particularly the case when she is touring and she’s been known to insist people only chat to her by making strange noises.

“Sometimes, when I’m really tired, I refuse to talk, and my assistant will try to wake me up and I’ll only speak in dinosaur or meow, so she has to meow and make dinosaur noises,” she told British magazine Heat. “I’ve made her walk down the bus like a T-Rex and then I yell at her if she’s not doing it good enough. It’s just a series of obnoxious noises.”

Many strange things happen to the singer when she is playing shows. Just recently she had a mishap on stage which would have horrified many, but she took in her stride.

“I p**sed myself laughing on stage yesterday because my mom came out wearing a penis outfit. I didn’t know she was gonna show up and she started bouncing around on stage, then my little brother and his friends came out behind her, so I did p**s myself a teeny-tiny bit,” she laughed.

Ke$ha has claimed she is braver than many men in the past. She isn’t sure how she would match up to outspoken rapper Kanye West but is proud that she always pushes herself to extremes.

“I think I’m above it, motherf**ker, and I’m not scared. Anything I am afraid of, I usually get off on doing,” she explained. “I’m scared of heights and I’m scared of airplanes, so I’ll jump out of an airplane! I just take the things that scare me the most and try and face them. That’s the best adrenaline rush. Are my balls bigger than Kanye’s? I’d have to compare them.”