Katherine Jackson's witness statement in the wrongful death trial of her late son Michael will be "off the charts".

The 83-year-old matriarch filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live.

She is claiming the company was negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently in jail for manslaughter after administering a lethal dose of Propofol to Michael on June 25 2009.

Katherine is set to take to the witness stand today, and her lawyer Brian Panish claims her time in front of the jury will be emotional.

"Katherine's going to talk about Michael growing up as a child, his life, his family, his career, his relationship with his children and how his death has affected her and her children and Michael's children," he told the New York Daily News.

"It will be off the charts."

The Jacksons also claim AEG Live forced Michael to work excessively in the run up to his This Is It concert tour, even though they were aware of his poor health.

Brian added that Katherine is ready to stand her ground, and won't be put off by "tough questions" about her family.

"You think she's a tough woman? No question," he continued.

AEG denies any wrongdoing, claiming it was Michael who personally hired Murray.

A transcript from Katherine's video deposition was obtained this week, with US website TMZ reporting that she referred to comments made by Michael two years before his death.

"He was always making a joke about he don't want to be doing the moonwalk on stage when he's 50 years," she is believed to have said.

It is now being reported that this comment is likely to be used against Katherine's case by AEG to prove that Michael’s abilities as a performer were limited.

The video was played for the jury on Thursday, ahead of her appearance in court.

She was absent on the day the video was played as she went to get her hearing aids checked ahead of her appearance today.