Amber Rose always packs a shirt that smells of her in Wiz Khalifa's tour bag.

The model married the rapper earlier this month and they have four-month-old son Sebastian, nicknamed Bash, together.

Between July and October Wiz is touring throughout the world and his family are helping him prepare for his upcoming shows.

"Helping my hubby pack 4 tour. Me & Bash r gonna miss him like crazy but I'm so excited he's gonna put on the craziest shows 4 u Taylor's!" Amber tweeted.

"I always put a shirt that smells like me in his tour bag.... So every time he's missing my scent it's right there for him to sniff (sic)."

The pair married on July 8, with Wiz announcing the good news via Twitter and promising a wedding ceremony would follow.

While Amber and Bash might be anticipating the time apart from Wiz, the musician has other things on his mind as he prepares for touring.

"So like yea, i cracced my iphone like a month ago, and i had a new one for like, a month now, and i have yet to switch it over (sic)" he tweeted.

The Under the Influence of Music Tour plays in California on July 17 and after the US shows moves on to places including Canada, the UK and Germany.

A$AP Rocky and B.o.B also feature, with the shows ending in Norway in October.