Five stars who hit the high notes at poker.

Musicians are a complex bunch. Known for mood swings and outrageous statements, they continue to dominate global news headlines for the good, the bad and sometimes just the plain mundane.

But how often do you hear of a musician getting involved in the world of poker? The answer is rarely. That’s despite the presence of any number of poker-related songs, with everyone from Kenny Rogers to Lady Gaga getting involved.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t a few musicians out there with an inherent love of the game, as the annual US-televised Celebrity Poker Showdown reveals.
Here are five of the best musicians/card sharks.

Joey Fatone of NSYNC
Every list has to start at the bottom and that’s where we find our first entrant, Joey Fatone – the chubby-faced member of Justin Timberlake’s pre-solo pop group NSYNC.
When he wasn’t making acting appearances in the likes of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Fatone was carving out a card-playing career. He featured in the seventh edition of the Showdown series, where he suffered the shame of losing out to Barry Corbin – better luck next time.

Scott Stapp of Creed
Though Stapp is hardly a household name his position as lead singer of US rockers Creed earns him a place on this list. During the 1990s, the band sold an estimated 28 million records in the US alone, but after splitting, Stapp struggled to establish his own solo career.
He eventually wound up at the Celebrity Poker Showdown evident, where his love of poker was showcased for all the world to see. It wasn’t to be for Stapp though, with the vocalist losing out to Arrested Development funny man David Cross.

Macy Gray
The gravel-voiced singer may have found fame with the hit ‘I try’ but she’s now become something of a regular on the celebrity poker circuit, where her hard-to-distinguish voice is likely to prove a major asset when it comes to bluffing.
Something of a cool customer at the table, she missed out on a place at the 2006 Championship table, losing out to Mentalist star Robin Tunney – what a mind-bender!

The Gangsta’s Paradise rapper turned to the celebrity circuit after the hits dried up in the noughties and while his mind games and tactical play proved unpopular in the UK edition of Celebrity Big Brother, it was perfectly suited to the poker table.
Shame then, that Coolio was defeated by Anchorman actor Paul Rudd in the opening table of the first ever Celebrity Showdown championship.

Meat Loaf
You’d expect Meat Loaf to live up to his reputation, coming out of the blocks like a bat out of hell and intimidating opponents into submission.
But the truth is that the Loaf is among the most careful and considerate players on the celebrity circuit and a major force to be reckoned with on the green felt.
Despite all this, his one appearance at the Sixth edition of the Celebrity Showdown event ended in a loss to table leader Stephen Collins.
Perhaps musicians write better songs about poker, rather than playing the game themselves!