Will.i.am wants to work with Taylor Swift.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman has collaborated with an A-list roster of musicians, including Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Rihanna.

Will’s so impressed with the 23-yer-old country music darling he’s eager to add her to the list.

"Taylor Swift is dope," he told E! News. "I'd like to work with Taylor Swift. I like the girl. We could do something really fantasy-like. That would be cool,” he said.

The music producer is set to star in E!’s new biography series, Pop Innovators, airing Sundays in the US so collaborations have been at the top of his mind.

Will said he became aware of his own creativity while doing "arts and crafts as a kid" in school.

"I was always that one kid who everyone said, 'Look what William did,' and everyone gathered around," he recalled. "The teacher was always like, 'Wow, that's wonderful William,' and put it on the board for everyone to see it. That's where the confidence came from."
The star was going through high school when he began developing his music career.

The Voice UK mentor made spared no expense when it came to supporting his family when he made it big.
The first step was making sure his mother had the appropriate transportation.

"I got my first record deal when I was in the 11th grade," he explained."I bought a car for my mom and I bought a car for me. I bought a yellow Sierra. I was ballin,'" he mused.

Now the star is developing a multi-media agency to help budding artists.

The business is not just about music but also design, advertising and marketing.

"I want to walk into a building and say, 'That's my building,'" he admitted. "It'll be arts and crafts on steroids."