Mick Jagger admits he did camp overnight at Glastonbury “for a bit” and that he did actually sleep overnight on the site.

He says the reason he wanted to play the festival was because of his kids. Mick said he wanted to “...have as much fun with my kids as possible because they always have their Glastonbury stories and they’ve been going there for like forever.”


Park rangers at Hyde Park can rest easy this weekend - Mick Jagger says they won’t be repeating the famous “butterfly release” which they did at their last Hyde Park gig in 1969 saying it “didn’t go down well with the Park men...so I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of that.”

Confirms the classic Stones tracks will be heard at Hyde Park this weekend. Referencing the 1969 gig he says “...the same set list is going to be used, it saves me having to think.”


Mick Jagger admits he doesn’t have a strict fitness regime when on tour – he works out before the tour starts and then just tops up to save energy for the show... “you do as much of that before the tour and then on the actual tour you don’t really do that much, you just do a bit of topping up and a minimal amount so you’ve got the most energy left for the actual show.”


Talking about what’s next after the current tour ends, Mick Jagger hints there may be more to come from the band, but first they’ll be having a rest saying, “Well, maybe there’ll be things beyond that (the tour), but right now this is like the summer then we have a bit of a break.”