Keith Richards has joked his "t*ts" aren't big enough for a wardrobe malfunction.

The legendary rocker will take to the stage alongside his The Rolling Stones bandmates Sir Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood at a concert in London's Hyde Park tomorrow.

The 69-year-old says he'll decide on his outfit for the occasion at the last minute.

"I usually wear what I'm comfortable with. But when I get there I will probably raid the wardrobe department and see what's lurking in there. I might pick up something, which usually belongs to someone else, then I appropriate it," Keith told UK radio station Absolute. "Don't worry my t*ts aren't that big [for a wardrobe malfunction]."

The band last played at the central London venue in 1969. During the concert they bid farewell to late guitarist Brian Jones who had passed away two days before. Keith says they plan to recreate how the location looked 44 years ago with their staging tomorrow.

"We are ready and tomorrow should be a great day. We are ready to rock. We've been working on the stage for several months. I'm sure it'll turn out even better than the drawings," he gushed.

"I believe [we are drafting in real oak trees]. It's going to be very naturalistic."

Tomorrow's concert follows The Rolling Stones headline set at UK music festival Glastonbury at the end of June. Keith enjoyed playing outside and to an audience made up of old and young fans.

"It was a great show from our point of view. What a great audience, it felt so good, it felt like coming home. The weather is always a bit iffy but the luck of The Stones held out, right," he joked. "I guess by now we've done it a couple of times over the years, playing to different generations. When you're on the stage you don't think about that, they are just a bunch of folks and you just want to turn them on. Practice makes perfect."