Melbourne singer songwriter Daniel Merriweather has posted an explanation of his rant accusing Celine Dion of stealing his song earlier this week.

Merriweather was upset when his friend Samantha Ronson pointed out an interview where Celine Dion sang the praises of Adele after announcing to Kate Couric that she had covered ‘Water and a Flame’, a song written by Daniel and Eg White.

Celine’s management has also issued a statement.

Merriweather recorded his song for his second album ‘Love & War’ in 2009. Adele as the featured female singer.

In a Facebook update today Daniel explained, “I want to clear some things up. In hindsight, i was wrong to say that Celine ‘stole’ my song, from a songwriting point of view this is not the case at all… and really was not the point i was trying to make… It turns out that she didn’t realize that ‘Water and a Flame’ was my song from my album ‘Love & War’, instead she thought it was an Adele song. She should’ve just done her homework before she decided to cover my song… name her album after it… and then publicly imply credit to the featured act on the song (Adele). I get that Adele is a major artist and that the association helps her sell albums, but Adele is my friend; and she guested on my song, simple and plain, and that should’ve been acknowledged before Celine decided to rewrite history”.

Since Merriweather’s rant, Celine fans have taken to social media to beg the French-Canadian singer to remove Daniel’s song from her album.

Celine’s version of the song is planned to be the first single and title track for her next album due in October. ‘Water and a Flame’ will be Celine’s first album in English since 2007’s ‘Taking Chances’.

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