Robin Thicke has joked he is considering changing his name to Blurred Lines.

The singer has experienced massive success with his single Blurred Lines, which also features T.I. and Pharrell Williams.

The song peaked at number one in charts around the world, including the UK, Canada and the US Billboard Hot 100.

"I was thinking about changing my name to Blurred Lines at this point," he laughed to MTV News.

"We knew it was good, you never know it's going to be that big, but we're very grateful about its success."

Robin performed his smash hit at the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

During the evening, Kendrick Lamar picked up the prize for best new artist and Robin spoke about featuring the 26-year-old on upcoming single Give It 2 U.

"The album's a lot of fun. It's the most fun music I've ever made and we got a great new single coming out after with Kendrick Lamar, that I wrote with [and] produced by Dr. Luke," he revealed, referring to his album which is also entitled Blurred Lines.

T.I. is the star of the Blurred Lines music video, showing off some impressive moves.

While Robin enjoyed working with Kendrick, he's not sure if the rapper will have the same skills.

"I don't know if Kendrick can do any Redd Foxx dance moves like T.I. did, but we'll find out," Robin quipped. "Maybe we'll just put Kendrick on a raft or something."

Robin's new record is due for release on July 30.