Bob Dylan kicked off the latest leg of the Never Ending tour on Wednesday night in Palm Beach, Florida.

Dylan’s Never Ending Tour is the name given to his endless touring schedule. Officially the tour started on June 7, 1988. Bob is only major act in the world to continuously tour the world. For the Never Ending Tour he passed the benchmark 2000th show on October 16, 2007.

Journalist Adrian Deevoy in Q Magazine named the Never Ending Tour in 1989. Dylan dismissed the title stating that it ended in 1001 when guitarist G.E. Smith departed his band but regardless, since then it has been one tour straight into the next straight into the next for Bob.

Dylan’s ‘Tempest’ track ‘Dusquene Whistle’ made its live debut at the Palm Beach show.

The setlist for June 26, 2013, West Palm Beach Florida was:

1. Things Have Changed (from Wonder Boys soundtrack, 2000)
2. Love Sick (from Time Out Of Mind, 1997)
3. High Water (For Charley Patton) (from Love and Theft, 2001)
4. Soon After Midnight(from Tempest, 2012)
5. Early Roman Kings (from Tempest, 2012)
6. Tangled Up In Blue (from Blood On The Tracks, 1975)
7. Dusquesne Whistle (from Tempest, 2012)
8. She Belongs To Me (from Bringing It All back Home, 1965)
9. Cry a While (from Love and Theft, 2001)
10. Simple Twist Of Fate (from Blood On The Tracks, 1975)
11. Honest With Me (from Love and Theft, 2001)
12. All Along The Watchtower (from John Wesley Harding, 1967)

14. Thunder On The Mountain (from Modern Times, 2006)
15. Ballad Of a Thin Man (from Highway 61 Revisited, 1965)

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