At this weekend's Isle of Wight Festival Bastille lead singer Dan Smith revealed to presenter Pete Donaldson the band actually bought tickets to the festival before they were booked to perform saying:
" I know I know. I feel like a bit of an idiot now. But yeah I love it and it’s such an amazing weekend and I’ve been for the last 4, 5, 6 years and even though some were like, you might be playing. I said well I’m not going to risk it. I’m not going to risk not going. So yeah it was a massive waste of money."

The band also revealed they once sneaked into Glastonbury WITHOUT paying with presenter Pete Donaldson asking, "How did you get here, was it rope, ladder, was it kind of just, paid off security guards?

Dan Smith "I was inside a sofa with another guy I’d just met in a van." When pushed, the band revealed the van got searched and they got inside the sofa to hide. Kyle added they may try it again this year with Kyle saying he may try and sneak in "In my bed on the tow bar".

Playing up to their new found position in the worlds of band Dan said, " I’ve been to the toilets and I’m not going to say what happened there." Dan also claimed Kyle recently tried Viagra ice-cream with Kyle doing nothing to dispell this myth adding, "It was basically vanilla ice cream and blue food colour."

Speaking about the Brit Awards, lead singer Dan Smith talked about his terror on the red carpet and said, "That red carpet at the Brits was probably my biggest nightmare played out in real life as in terms of that’s the last thing in the world that I really wanted to do. Obviously everyone was really nice but it’s quite a weird daunting experience but it’s nice to have it all come together I think.

Dan also revealed his scaracism doesn't always do him favours saying, "We don’t really read a lot of our press or anything but on the few occasions where I have read stuff back where I’ve been really dead pan and sarcastic and it’s come back like I’m just an idiot or I’m actually a massive One Direction fan. Like one time I listed all my influences and I was being really sarcastic but it just came across as awful. I hate to think what people think."