Ed Sheeran had an "awkward" time at the Billboard Music Awards after Taylor Swift played a prank on him.

The British singer is known for being good friends with American country star Taylor, who he is currently on tour with.

Taylor has been educating him on American culture during their time in the US, although he isn't sure how seriously to take her at times. She gave him dubious instructions on how to behave at American music awards, causing him to embarrass himself.

"Taylor took me to Disneyland and we went to Vegas to the Billboard Awards together [in May]. It was really cool, but awkward, because 50 per cent of people were really American and 50 per cent were cool. Taylor got me a seat next to her. I didn't know what to do as at a British ceremony, like the BRIT Awards, you just sit there and get drunk," he laughed to BBC Radio 1. "But Taylor told me at an American awards when someone wins you stand up and clap, and when someone performs you stand up and dance. Then Taylor disappeared as she had to perform. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown were behind me, so then after the first award I stood up and no-one else did. It was embarrassing. And at one point I stood up and the only other people who did with me were Nicki Minaj and her posse. It was awkward. Taylor kept popping back to check on me. But she kept winning awards though so she was off again every five minutes."

Ed likes to wind up Taylor by calling her by a rap inspired nickname, T-Swizz. He also plans to return the favour by teaching Taylor about all things British during their current stay in the UK together.

"I'm hoping to take Taylor to my local pub tonight as she's never been to a proper pub," Ed shared.

"I call her T-Swizz. It's her rap name. I hope she'll come, I think Jordan from [UK band] Rizzle Kicks is coming as well. We'll be really English and she'll feel really awkward. She can bring Nicki Minaj - she's good at fake English."