Wyclef Jean believes Angelina Jolie is “giving people strength” through her extraordinary contributions.

The actress recently announced she underwent a double mastectomy after learning she was genetically prone to developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Angelina is also a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Wyclef worked with Angelina and her fiancé Brad Pitt on an aid mission in Haiti for the musician’s charity Yéle Haiti.

Wyclef is in awe over Angelina and thinks the star is a magnificent person.

“Angelina is a very strong woman,” he told America’s OK! magazine. “She represents strength. There’s a lot of women in our world that have to do that, and I always wish her the best.”

Wyclef is convinced Angelina will inspire many future generations.

“Her strength is not just physical - she represents an era where her name will be in history books, and not really for the fact that she’s a great actress, but for the fact that she’s one of the greatest human beings who didn’t just talk it, but she actually acted on things she said from her humanitarian work to her whole health and giving people strength,” he explained.

Wyclef is also a big fan of her soon-to-be-husband Brad.

He is impressed with their loving relationship.

“They understand each other,” Wyclef said. “They’re best friends first.”