Geri Halliwell confesses that her “gaydar is useless”.

The Spice Girl reveals she grew up crushing on openly homosexual British singer George Michael.

According to UK newspaper The Sun, when Geri first met George she was shocked to see he did not respond to her coquettish advances.

“I’m totally off. My gaydar is useless – well it’s better these days,” she revealed.

“With George Michael years ago I’d made plans to marry him, I used to practise kissing with his poster.

“Then we met and I started being all flirty eyes, licking my lips and the sexy poses and I just felt there was nothing coming back.

“Then I was chatting on the phone to him and he starts talking about his boyfriend and I’m like ‘what? How could I be so wrong’!”

Despite the initial miscommunication Geri and George became good friends.

Geri looks up to him and appreciates his guidance.

“You know he’s the only celebrity friend I have, aside from the Spice Girls, that I tell all my secrets to,” she explained.

“I have long chats with him, he’s like a brother. In the past I’ve played my music to him and sometimes he’d tell me it’s s**t and other times it’s great.

“He’s very normal when you talk one-on-one with him.”

George was recently released from hospital after being involved in a traffic accident in the UK.

He fell from the Range Rover he was travelling in while moving at high rates of speed on a motorway.