Pete Wentz has urged people to embrace a “good fellow human”.

It’s thought the Fall Out Boy bassist is referring to a tragic terrorist attack that occurred in England yesterday.

A soldier was killed during a brutal religious extremist attack with a machete in London.

Several celebrities have responded to the terrible news, including rocker Pete.

“Heavy day in the world today. Hug a good fellow human (sic),” he posted on Twitter.

Another star to comment on the tragedy was TV star Kelly Osbourne.

The 28-year-old made it clear her thoughts were with those affected by the horrific incident.

“I can't believe what has happened in #Woolwich its beyond appalling! sending prayers & love to the victims family & loved ones!” she posted.

“Its bad enough that our soldiers even have to go to war! They should at least be safe when they are in their homeland! #Woolwich (sic).”

Following the killing, members of the English Defence League took to the streets of London to hurl bottles at policeman and chant anti-Muslim slurs.

Kelly is outraged with the way people are reacting to the news.

“Its ridiculous to brand all muslims as bad & if you think that you are stupid there are extremists in every religion remember #WacoTexas!” she fumed.

“Watching the news is genuinely making me sad there is just so much distraction & devastation its seems so endless! (sic)”

Simon Pegg also took to Twitter, informing followers: “Thoughts are with my city tonight. #london #woolwich (sic).”

Mia Farrow used the site to post about countering terrorism, while singer Estelle urged her London fans to “take care”.