Another great musicians life story is about to start production for the big screen.

Gregg Allman’s autobiography, My Cross to Bear, has been acquired by Randall Miller and Jody Savin, the same duo that have been developing films on Dennis Wilson, CBGB’s and Caribou Studios. They will produce through their Unclaimed Freight and co-write the screenplay with Miller directing. Allman and his manager, Michael Lehman, will executive produce.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will focus on two parts of Allman’s life, the time up to the formation of the Allman Brothers and their initial impact on the music scene and an older Allman who is going through the process of cleaning up his life. It is unknown if the film will address the motorcycle deaths of his brother Duane or bandmember Barry Oakley or his six marriages.

Allman’s music will be used in the film, which puts it one step ahead of many of the biopics currently in production. Filming is rumored to start late this summer.

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