Lou Gramm has once again pulled back from talk of a Foreigner reunion, telling Dave Bassner of the VH1 Radio Network that he may retire "sooner than you think."

Reunion fever struck when Gramm and Mick Jones were announced as inductees into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Plans quickly fell into place for the two, who haven't spoken in the last ten years, to perform together at the induction ceremony.

Gramm originally said "His management and my management are tossing around the idea of a farewell tour. I would really like to do that. It would be really great to do that instead of leaving it with such a bitter and unfinished ending" but he pulled back from that position rather quickly having his press people issue the statement "Though both Lou Gramm and Mick Jones will be on hand for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, there are no plans for the two to head out on a reunion tour."

Now Lou has stepped back even further telling Bassner "You know, I don't take any of that talk seriously. I've heard there was a mention, but honestly, I can't see that happening.

"There's a number of things that would make a difference to me, and I'd just have to take it as it comes, and I'm sure Mick feels the same way. I mean, after all those years you just can't jump into the deep water, you know."

He went on to say that retirement, at least as a performer, may be close. "I have some other interests. I enjoy being in the studio, I still enjoy writing. I may put my efforts into writing songs for other people or into production. I guess those are the outlets for old rock singers when they go out to pasture, you know."

The Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is June 13 in New York.

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