Rebecca Hall says her mother is a "genius".

The star was inspired to get into acting by her mom, opera singer Maria Ewing.

Rebecca denied her opinion was swayed by their blood ties, insisting her mother has an extra special talent for performing.

"Watching her was very influential," Rebecca told ELLE Canada. "She’s a great singer, but her genius is that she was also a great actress. I understood from watching her what it’s like to live a very passionate life. I grew up watching her sing Salome, and it was truly frightening how abandoned she was to the character. She was breathtaking. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom."

The straight talking Iron Man 3 star says her education has also been influential in shaping who she is today. The 31-year-old was accepted to the prestigious Cambridge University in England, but left before finishing her course.

“If you are very curious about life and over stimulated and have a desire to constantly educate yourself and learn new things, acting fulfils that," she explained. "I don’t know if I want to makes things tough for myself, but I like them to be hard, but I don’t see the fun in everything being easy."

Rebecca says that her early life experiences have helped her become a convincing actress. She admitted that in her quest to be genuine, she could be considered a difficult person.

"Anything that doesn’t smack of truth is really embarrassing for me. My mom gave me that," she finished. "It’s funny, but I’d rather be exposed than phony."