Nelly insists he's a "mommy's boy".

With US Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, the rapper is already making plans.

The star is currently promoting new album M.O. and even though he won't be spending the actual day with his mom, he has some ideas up his sleeve.

"I'm gonna be in LA for Mother's Day. I think her and her mother, they go out to eat very well. The only thing I will be doing is talking over the phone - until I get home! Then we'll probably go to a movie," he revealed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

"Of course I'm a mommy's boy!"

However, the 38-year-old won't be taking his mother to see a typically girly film.

The musician insists she's more into action movies.

"My mom likes [things like] Iron Man 3! She wants to see the go, she's not into rom-coms! Not like 50 First Dates and that..." he explained.

"[50 Shades of Grey?] That could be her, but don't think I will be going with her to watch that!"

Before M.O., Nelly hadn't released an album since 2010, but first single Hey Porsche went straight into the charts.

The rapper has had experience with tracks getting leaked and believes many different factors play a part.

"I think it could be a lot of: you can't trust anybody," he admitted.

"And I think record labels do test the waters a bit. With everything that you do, so many people are able to touch it. As soon as you record it, it's in the Internet!"