LL Cool J says fans will get Snoop Dogg rather than Snoop Lion on his new album.

The rapper is promoting his latest album Authentic, which features tracks Bartender Please and We Came To Party in collaboration with Snoop.

The musician underwent a transformation to Rastafarianism recently, changing his name from Dogg to Lion.

However, LL reckons his friend's old persona won over while recording.

"I think you're getting Dogg on that one! With all due respect to my man, it's Dogg; the record is all about partying. The Lion was in the studio but the Dogg was on the record," he revealed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

LL has also collaborated with artists Seal and Mickey Shiloh on his new album.

It's his first since 2008's Exit 13 and the 45-year-old is looking forward to showing a new side to himself.

"I did it over the summer during a hiatus. You know, I just wanted to make music that the whole world could rock to and not be pigeonholed in a box and do it from the heart," he explained.

"As you are exposed to new people, you draw from changes and I wanted my music to reflect where I'm at in my life now, 'cause I feel my fans have grown up with me. It was all about authenticity and being authentic and just having fun."

Authentic is out now.