Rockers from the '80s don't always fade away. Some are forging a new career--and maintaining stage-worthy figures--by become yoga teachers.

Belinda Carlisle, of the L.A. punk-turned-pop band the Go-Go's, and Siobhan Fahey, of the hair-hopping British phenom Bananarama, are both enrolled in a teacher-training program in Santa Monica.

Jeannine Braden, a stylist who is taking classes alongside the pop stars, is working with Carlisle on a line of yoga clothing the duo hope to license. She says Carlisle and her husband, who are based in the south of France, have rented an apartment in West Hollywood to spend more time on the yoga line.

It will be the first license for Carlisle's growing lifestyle business, which includes Belindia, a line of home textiles (bedding, tablecloths). Though the "Head Over Heels" singer is serious about business, she's not completely poker-faced in the yoga studio. "We're so silly," Braden says. "We're the naughty girls in class."