Miley Cyrus had a "seriously terrifying" encounter in London.

The pop star experienced paranormal activity during a stay in a rented apartment in the UK capital city.

The incident took place while Miley was on tour, and made her so severely spooked that she was forced to leave the premises.

"I was touring in Europe and I needed a home base. So if we were to go to Ireland I would just come right back. I used to have an apartment in London, right across the street from Harrods. I used to have a place right there, and it was really haunted and I had to move. That’s not a lie," Miley revealed to British ELLE magazine.

"It was seriously so terrifying."

The 20-year-old explained the incident in detail for the June issue of the magazine, for which she graces the front cover.

Miley says the haunting is still a vivid memory for her, and she recalled the moment she first felt there was a ghostly presence.

"It used to be an old bakery before they turned it into an apartment building. I was having really crazy dreams and seeing really scary things, then one night my little sister [Noah] it sounds crazy to tell you, but she was standing in the shower and all of a sudden I hear her scream. I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot but it was still… It wasn’t like the water had just changed, the knob had turned but she hadn’t turned it and it was burning her. She was really red," Miley continued.

"Before I felt this, I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet."

Miley researched into the history of the building after these encounters took place. She found out that a boy had taken over the running of the bakery after both his mother and father died, which is the figure she believes she saw.

"I thought I was seeing the son. I’m not even kidding," she recalled. "Three or four more things happened after that. I will never stay there ever again. Liam [Hemsworth, Miley's fiancé] had an experience, my mom had an experience, we all had these crazy experiences and it was terrifying."