Ten years after the release of her debut album, Spending Time With Morgan, Ane Brun releases Songs 2003-2013, an anthology of her previous work.

The 32-song collection will be released September 10 on Brun’s own label, Balloon Ranger. Songs 2003-2013 is more than a hits compilation—it is a celebration of Brun’s musical accomplishments from the last decade.

The opening track, “Humming One Of Your Songs,” was also the opening track on Brun’s debut, which speaks to the constancy of her message. The two-disc set also includes live arrangements of some of her most popular songs, original studio versions and rare, previously unreleased material.

Brun is well known for her covers, which reinterpret songs to make them uniquely hers. For Songs Brun recorded “Feeling Good,” the Newley/Bricusse classic popularized by Nina Simone, which she strips down to its basic chords. In that same vein of reinterpretation Brun turns her lens on herself, presenting a new version of “This Voice” from her 2005 album A Temporary Dive. The 2013 version of “This Voice” is based on her recent live performances, and it shows her evolution as a performer. The album also includes her take on Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels).”

Songs also draws from another part of Brun’s oeuvre: her duets—of which she released an entire album in 2005. This retrospective includes an orchestral version of her duet with Peter Gabriel (with whom she toured worldwide) on his song “Don’t Give Up,” from his album New Blood.

Songs 2003-2013 Tracklisting
1. Humming One Of Your Songs
2. Are They Saying Goodbye?
3. My Lover Will Go
4. To Let Myself Go
5. Temporary Dive
6. Song No. 6 (feat. Ron Sexsmith)
7. Rubber & Soul (feat. Teitur)
8. The Dancer – Live
9. The Puzzle
10. The Treehouse Song
11. Changing Of The Seasons
12. Gillian
13. Don’t Leave
14. True Colors
15. Big In Japan

1. Ten Seconds – Sketches Version
2. Lullaby for Grown-Ups – Sketches Version
3. My Star – Live
4. Lift Me – Live (feat. Sivert Höyem)
5. The Fall – Live
6. Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel feat. Ane Brun)
7. Do You Remember
8. These Days
9. Worship (feat. Jose Gonzalez)
10. One
11. Oh Love
12. Undertow
13. Du gråter så store tåra – Norwegian Version
14. Alfonsina y el Mar
15. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
16. This Voice 2013
17. Feeling Good